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For inquiring minds: this is technically an “informal” wedding, but you are welcome to get dolled up as much as you’d like.  We will be in our Sunday best, but you can feel free to wear your studded leath dress shorts, a lumberjack hat, something stolen off the Sarah Palin campaign dress dowry, your mom’s droopy bowed secretary dress from the early 1980s with spectator pumps, or a waistcoat with a metal chain.  It’s all good.

In honor of NYC fashion week, we present to you the latest buzz fashion: the designer, dress sweatpants (source):



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Here at SK-squared central, we’re not so big on traditions, except the ones that are really awesome.  In a shout out to the wedding traditions of industrial-town Americans in the midwest and northeast, we will have a cookie reception, and there will be home baked deliciousness.

The lovely and talented Anne of Shepwell Kitchen has graciously volunteered.  We’re drooling in anticipation.

We will also be blessed with cookie contributions from wonderful family members as well.


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This event will be expertly documented by Rollin Leonard, artist/webdesigner/cat scratch craftsman from Brooklyn, nee Stoughton, Wisconsin.

Steven, Susan and some buddies in Prospect Park, June 2009 (by Rollin Leonard)

Rollin’s LOLPidgeon

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